It's time for a fresh start.

In-Studio or Virtual Sessions Available

When you’re ready to make a lifestyle change to get stronger, more energetic and improve your balance and mobility, Zeal is here for you!

Our 35-min Small Group Training sessions focus on high quality strength training to improve strength, mobility, balance, power, and stamina.

You’ll find our sessions are adapted for your needs and limitations. If you have been frustrated with back pain, OA, joint replacement, osteoporosis, or shoulder injury, we will teach you how to train with your current capacities!

In-Studio Training @ Springbank Hill

2x per Week for $39 per week

3x per Week for $53 per week

Virtual Training Live via Zoom

Unlimited for $19 per week


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to be over 50 to join?

  • Our age range in these sessions is 20 years old to 85 years old. Programs are designed for mature clients but are also frequently sought out by those who are just getting started with their fitness journey or coming back from injury.

What time are your classes?

  • Classes start at 7am and run every 45 minutes until early afternoon Monday to Friday. We have 1 to 2 early afternoon We will be starting Saturday sessions this fall as our membership grows.

How many people are in a session?

  • Sessions range from 4 to 6 people in-studio. Virtually we train up to 8 people per session.

How is your Virtual Program different?

  • Our virtual program is led by coaches who watch your technique and give live feedback. These sessions are interactive to keep you accountable and safe.

Not sure if you’re ready?

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